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Do you service all makes of heating systems on boats, caravans and motorhomes?

My Alde boiler has failed. Can it be repaired, or will I have to have a new one?

I have a 2920 standard flue Alde boiler in my boat. Can it be repaired, or do I have to have a new balanced flue boiler installed?

Is it possible to convert my existing Alde gas boiler to run on mains electricity, as I now have a mains ‘hook up’?

My heating system operates on gas or electric. Is it possible to use both simultaneously?

I normally operate my Alde boiler on Butane and use it all the year round, but I sometimes experience problems in the winter months. Why is this?

My Alde boiler has a basic room thermostat to control the temperature of the accommodation. Is it possible to fit a timer/programmer to the system?

I have a caravan and my friend has a motorhome, which we both use during the winter months. Is it possible to retrofit an Alde wet central heating system in place of the existing heating?

My narrowboat is fitted with a diesel powered radiator system. I find the maintenance levels and costs a little extreme. Is it possible to remove the diesel heating and replace it with a suitable Alde gas/electric heater?

My boiler is several years old and has not been regularly serviced and has recently been difficult to light.  How can I get it service/repaired?

The circulation pump in the expansion tank of my Alde heating system has become very noisy. Do I need a replacement?

The flame pattern of the burner in my Alde boiler is very uneven and yellow and the boiler sometimes goes out for no apparent reason. What is the reason for this?

How often should my boiler be serviced?

Thank you very much for your advice. Can you supply the spare parts I need?

I am in the process of buying a ‘sailaway’ narrowboat, which I intend to fit out myself. I am undecided whether to use gas or diesel for the heating/hot water system. Can you advise and make recommendations?

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